Ora et Labora


There is "nothing so pedestrian or trivial that it should not be dignified by attention to detail, care in presentation, creativity in approach, and permanence of quality". (Dr Peter Kwasniewski )

Our own Dom Benedict Maria Andersen's work is featured on The New Liturgical Movement. Dom Benedict's liturgical typography exemplifies the clean beauty with which Benedictines have always sought to transcribe the word. Why? Maurice Zundel explains the traditional Benedictine reverence for words:

Is not in fact the mystery of every word its attachment to that Word and the vestige of It that it retains, the Word that is a Person in a sense infinitely beyond what the term person signifies in human language, the Person of the only Son in the bosom of the Father ?

Dr Peter Kwasniewski writes:

Dom Benedict's work is characterized by elegant lines, balanced elements, a judicious use of typographical variations, and, most of all, an eye for tiny details of punctuation and spacing. He truly offers us a model that can inspire our own efforts in this area.