Christ still washes the feet of His priests

giotto_lavanda_700px Even now Our Lord washes the feet of His priests and wipes them with a towel.  Even now, He would wash the feet of His chosen ones to teach them the humility of His love for them. If I want companionship with Him, I must let Him do for Me all that His humble Love seeks to do. He is ever ready to wash and purify His priests — feet and hands, head and heart, body and soul.

Our Lord desires that a clean priesthood should serve in His Church. He is ready at every moment to wash away the filth that disfigures so many priestly souls. No longer does Our Lord pour water out of a basin; the water that purifies His priests flows out of His open Side and it is mingled with His Precious Blood.

Purification, cleansing, is the condition of friendship with Him. He cleans every soul that accepts the offer of His Divine Friendship, and he who abides in His Friendship abides at the wellspring of purity.

The “stains of the feet” are those sins committed by thought, word, deed, or omission in daily life. Our Lord is always disposed to wash away the “stains from our feet.”

One who abides in the Friendship of Jesus is, according to His own word, ‘clean already.” He desires nonetheless even to remove from our feet the traces of any connivance with evil.

“You, in turn, ought to wash one another’s feet.”  This is the sacred ministry of the Sacrament of Penance: the restoration of purity to souls contaminated and stained by sin. For this reason the confessor must be profoundly humble. His is a service of humble love.

(From In Sinu Iesu, The Journal of a Priest)