Return to the wound in My Side

My Heart overflows with Merciful Love for My priests. There is not one of them for whom I would not suffer the most bitter betrayals and humiliations of My Passion over again, so great is My desire to see every priest of Mine made whole, washed clean in My Precious Blood and sanctified in the fire of the Holy Spirit. All that I suffered once — especially the sufferings of My priestly Heart — remains available until the end of time to the priests of My Church, the chosen friends of My Heart.  My suffering remains for them a wellspring of healing, and from My wounds there flows for My priests a balm of purity and of love.  If only My priests would approach Me and apply to themselves the merits and power of My most bitter Passion and of My most Precious Blood!

There were moments in My Passion — the darkest moments of all — when My Heart was crushed as in a wine–press, beneath a weight of sorrow that no words can describe: when I was suffering particularly for My priests.  I saw them passing before Me, a seemingly endless procession until the end of time.  I saw each one’s sins, each one’s betrayals, sacrileges, and coldheartedness.

I saw too those who lived and walked in the light; these were My consolation, and in each of them I saw the influence of My Most Pure Mother. She formed them for Me, and this she will continue to do until the last priest is ordained and the sacraments I gave My Church pass into the blaze of glory that they signify in time.

I looked into the eyes of each of My priests.  In some I saw a burning love and a desire to please Me in all things.  I others I saw a mercenary spirit, an inability to move past the necessary organization of My Church into the mysteries for which she came forth from My wounded Side, and received the Holy Spirit at the Third Hour on Pentecost.  In still others I saw a terrible indifference, a loss of the First Love, a betrayal of all that My priesthood represents.  It is these who added immeasurable sorrow to the sufferings I endured.

I ask for priestly souls to console Me and to make up for what is lacking still in a part of My priesthood.  For the coldness of so many I ask for an undivided and tender love.  For the indifference of so many I ask for a holy zeal.  For the irreverence of so many I ask for a renewed awareness of My Divine Majesty and of the holiness that befits My sanctuaries.

The time is measured and it will pass quickly.  Let My priests return to the wound in My Side.  Let them follow the beacon that shines from My Eucharistic Face to drawn them into My presence.  I wait for them.  With a great desire I desire their company and the consolation that only they can offer My pierced Heart.”

Adore Me for the priests who do not adore Me; seeking Me for those who flee from before My Face; trusting Me for those who place all their trust in themselves and in the ways of the world.  Above all, love Me.  Love Me for the sake of those priests of Mine whose hearts have grown cold.

Priests must offer themselves as victims for their brother priests.  This is how I intend to purify, and heal, and sanctify, and restore the beauty of holiness to My priesthood: by associating victim priests to My own Sacrifice renewed on the altar, and by taking the offering of their sufferings into My own, so as to make them co-redeemers with Myself, co-redeemers of those priests who must be brought back from the distant regions of sin where Satan has held them captive for too long.”

The desire of My Heart is that My priests should adore Me, setting aside time each day to abide before My Eucharistic Face.  There I will fill them with all the graces necessary to their sacred ministry.  There I will give them the virtues without which they will be incapable of showing My Face and My Heart to souls.

I would compel My priests to come in from the highways and byways where they have wandered, and where the Evil One lies in wait to ambush them.  I would have them come in to Me, for I wait for them with a Heart full of Divine Friendship for each one.  There will be no reproaches and no condemnation, but only forgiveness, and a great joy among the angels of heaven that My priests are, at last, taking their place in adoration before My altars.

Make known to My priests this pressing desire of My Heart.  The time is short.  I will renew the face of My priesthood by filling it with the reflection of My own Eucharistic Face.  Thus will My priesthood be transformed.  The Church and the world wait for holy priests.  And I wait to sanctify them in the Sacrament of My Love.

(From In Sinu Iesu, The Journal of a Priest)