For well over a thousand years, Christians have turned to monasteries seeking the relation ip with the members of the solace that comes from knowing that the monks will take them into their prayer and present their needs to God.

The ordinary Christian of the Middle Ages saw the monk as a man wholly dedicated to prayer on behalf of all and for all. The ploughman plowing his field, the mother nursing her child, and the tradesman labouring long hours took comfort in knowing that, by day and by night, monks were going about a ceaseless round of prayer. Christian layfolk under ood that the generous support of monasteries benefited everyone, for they believed in the Communion of the Saints, that is, in the exchange of the spiritual goods obtained by prayer for the living and the dead.

The Benedictine Eucharistic Guild was established in response to an ever increasing number of requests for intercessory prayer and remembrance in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. From the very beginning of life at Silverstream Priory, people have come to entrust to our prayer their cares, their needs, and their sufferings, so that we, in turn, might entrust them to God.

The members of the Guild and their needs are brought to the altar in two special Masses weekly: one offered for the living members, and other offered for the departed. The monks of Silverstream enter into a contractual relationship with the members of the Guild: they agree to remember them weekly in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass offered especially for their intentions, as well as in the daily celebration of the Divine Office, in Eucharistic Adoration, and in their other prayers. To this end, the names of the living and deceased members of the Guild are carefully kept by the monks.

An enrollment card, in one of four beautiful designs (each with a quote from the Sacred Liturgy in Latin and English), is available from the monastery whenever a person, living or deceased, is enrolled in the Guild. (We are happy to make a small supply of cards available to those who desire to make use of them.)

Enrolling someone into the Guild is simple. Just send us the names of those you would like to be remembered and submit your donation by mail or online (suggested donation: €10 each name).

To enrol members online, please follow this link to Paypal, where you can provide us with your mailing address, your donation, and the full names (Christian / baptismal names being preferred to nicknames) of those you would like to enroll in the special field provided.  Please place a plus sign (+) before the name of each departed person.

If you prefer to use regular mail, you can send us the names of those who you would like to enrol, your mailing address, and your donation to this address:

Benedictine Eucharistic Guild
Silverstream Priory
County Meath

K32 T189

If you’re using regular mail, please feel free to download, print out and fill in these enrolment cards, one for living members and one for departed members. Otherwise, please indicate the departed by writing a small cross before the name.

If you have any questions about the Guild, please feel free to contact us here:

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