In the life of monks, prayer takes on a particular importance: it is the heart of their calling. Their vocation is to be men of prayer. In the patristic period the monastic life was likened to the life of the angels. It was considered the essential mark of the angels that they are worshippers. Their very life is worship. This should hold true also for monks. Monks pray first and foremost not for any specific intention, but simply because God is worthy of being praised. — Pope Benedict XVI

Our monastery worships according to the classical Roman Liturgy (Usus Antiquior or “Extraordinary Form”) and our age-old Benedictine forms of prayer.  We chant all 150 of the Psalms of David in one week, according to the prescriptions of St Benedict in his Holy Rule.  They are chanted along with other elements in the context of the Seven Day Hours (Lauds, Prime, Terce, Sext, None, Vespers, Compline) and in the Night Office (Matins, or Vigils).

The Offices below which are marked with a cross are those which are normally open to the public.  All services take place in our temporary oratory, which may be found just beyond the main entrance of the house.

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