Act of Adoration for Priests


Act of Adoration for Priests

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Contains three prayers: A daily act of adoration on behalf of priests, a morning offering for the sake of priests, and a special offering of Thursdays for priests.

Comes in two styles:

  1. High quality, thicker, more durable.

  2. Thin and lightweight.

The thin version is especially useful for giving out and can easily be stored inside a book.

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Act of Adoration for Priests
Lord Jesus Christ, Priest and Victim,
behold, I kneel before Thy Eucharistic Face
on behalf of all Thy priests,
and especially those priests of Thine,
who at this moment are most in need
of Thy grace.
(N. and N.)
For them and in their place,
allow me to remain,
adoring and full of confidence,
close to Thy Open Heart,
hidden in this, the Sacrament of Thy Love.
Through the Maternal and Immaculate
Heart of Mary,
our Advocate and the Mediatrix of All Graces,
pour forth upon all the priests of Thy Church
that torrent of mercy that ever flows
from Thy pierced side:
to purify and heal them,
to refresh and sanctify them,
and, at the hour of their death,
to make them worthy of joining Thee
before the Father in the heavenly sanctuary
beyond the veil (Hb 6:19)
where Thou art always living
to make intercession
for us (Hb 7:25). Amen.
Eucharistic Face of Jesus, sanctify Thy priests!