Silverstream Priory in Stamullen, County Meath is a monastery of Benedictine Monks dedicated entirely to divine worship in the enclosed contemplative life. 


We are committed to providing a safe environment for all. Following the teaching of Saint Benedict, we «receive all guests as Christ» showing courtesy and respect and always avoiding inappropriate behavior or language. As a consequence, we recognize the importance of protecting children from every form of abuse, whether physical, emotional or sexual.

Our Particular Way of Life

As contemplative monks, we observe the monastic enclosure and guests are confined to the gatehouse and Oratory. Priests, other clerical guests, and some religious may be admitted to the monastic refectory for meals.

We do not have any direct apostolate to children, nor any ministry outside the enclosure of the monastery. Our retreat facilities are closed to persons under 18 years of age.

As Irish law requires, all members of the community are personally vetted by An Garda Síochána. 

Our community follows the Safeguarding Policy of the Diocese of Meath and have put in place a number of other guidelines for the community as follows: 

  • No unaccompanied child should be allowed to enter the enclosure.

  • No adult (other than a parent) should be alone with a person under 18 years of age (“child”) in any part of the Priory grounds or buildings.

  • Groups of children visiting the Priory should be accompanied by the requisite number of responsible adults, teachers or parents, as outlined in the Diocesan Policy.

  • The Prior shall ensure that members of our community and visitors are fully aware of all aspects of our safety policies.

  • These principles should be brought to the attention of any adult visiting the Priory or utilizing its retreat facilities

  • This policy statement is to be reviewed every three years.

If an individual comes to a member of our community with a safeguarding concern, that member should: 

  • Listen respectfully and sympathetically.

  • Not question the person, or seek to investigate the matter himself.

  • Encourage the concerned person to make contact with the designated person or, if appropriate, the Social Services or the Gárda Síochána contacts listed below.

If an individual should confide an incident or incidents of abuse to a member of our community, outside of the Sacrament of Penance, the individual should be informed that such information cannot be kept confidential, but must be reported. The Designated Liaison Person should be informed who should report it to the appropriate authority.

The Designated Liaison Person shall contact the appropriate designated person of the Diocese of Meath, or the Tusla Area Manager, or the Gárda Síochána. All relevant information concerning the alleged abuse will be shared with the agencies as outlined in the policy of the Diocese of Meath.

Contact Details

Diocese of Meath

Designated Liaison Person:
Marie O’Sullivan
Tel. 083 317 5742

HSE Duty Social Workers

Meath area: 046 9030616

An Garda Siochana District Headquarters

Meath-Ashbourne H.Q (01 8010600)

Other useful contacts:

National Board for Safeguarding Children: National Safeguarding Children Office: 01 5053124

National Safeguarding Children Director, Teresa Devlin: 01 5053018

Knock Counseling Service: 094 9388100

Towards Healing: 1800 303416